We thank the Lord for the opportunity to re-open In-Person services.  

Presently we are registering for the last two Sundays in June. Having to keep within the 50 person limit per gathering, yet hoping to accommodate as many as possible, we are asking: Each household please register for only “1” of these services in the month of June:  

Sun. June 21 (9am service)

Sun. June 21 (11am service)

Sun. June 28 (9am service)

Sun. June 28 (11am service)  

Here is how to register:   *Online registration opens Wednesday June 17 at 12pm.  

1. Church Website: www.gracekelowna.com (Click the tab that says “Register” and follow the prompts).  

2.  Mobile App "Church Center" (You will need to have added “Grace Baptist Church”).   

Please remember: This is a first-come, first-serve basis. Children’s classes will ‘not’ be in effect. Kids will be with parents during the service. Services will continue to be live-streamed for viewing at home. Registration for July services will be made available toward the end of June. The German service is at 3pm and no registration is needed.    

For our in-person Gatherings, remember to:  

1.Refrain from handshaking or hugging.

2. Observe Physical Distancing (except for same households).

3. Wash hands frequently and cough in sleeve.

4. Elderly with immune deficiencies are encouraged to stay at home.

5. Anyone with sickness or symptoms please stay at home until feeling better.