Quiz Meet is a Bible Quizzing program aimed at encouraging youth in grades 7-12 to memorize God's Word in a fun and competitive atmosphere. The Quiz Meet program includes weekly practices and 3 weekend tournments in the ministry year where teams compete against other churches!

What exactly is Bible Quizzing? Well, think of Jeopardy, with teams. And instead of using your thumb to get the ability to answer the question, you jump off of your seat. It's incredible how Bible Quizzing drives youth to memorize the Word of God and the best part is, they're doing it because they want to!

Quiz Meet begins on September 20th, and will continue every Wednesday evening from 6:00 - 7:45! Evenings include a devotional, "scrimmage quizzing", and time to build relationships with one another over snacks and hot drinks!

Need more information? Contact Pastor Dallas at Dallas@gracekelowna.com, or checkout the Quiz Meet website by clicking here.