Ladies, please join us for a four week study through a favorite chapter of the Bible: John 15.

Each week, we will be posting a pdf study on Saturday for you to work through during the week and the following Thursday there will be video or audio teaching on the material.  

Our prayer is that this chapter will help us to set our minds and hearts on things above. We pray this study would help you know the peace and joy that Jesus came to give us that is not dependent on any circumstance. May the Lord bless you as you study His Word!

Week 1:  PDF Bible Study for John 15:1-4         (Mar.28)          Video  (Apr. 2) 

Week 2:  Additional Reflection on John 15:1-4    (Apr. 4)           Video  (April 9)

Week 3   PDF Bible Study for John 15:5-8          (Apr. 11)         Video  (Apr. 16)

Week 4:  PDF Bible Study for John 15: 9-17       (Apr. 18)         Video  (Apr. 23)